Nelson DeOliveira's Full Story

Nelson DeOliveira enjoyed life to the fullest! Whether hard at work, participating in one of his many favorite sports, or having fun with family and friends. Nelson's energy and enthusiasm always shined through.
In 23 years of life, Nelson made a positive impression on everyone he met, his ready smile and positive personality endeared him to all. Nelson dreamed the dreams of most young men... he wanted something better out of life. He decided to return to school, and prepare himself for a solid future. Along with a quality career, he also wanted some of the simple things out of life, like the opportunity to baby-sit for his sister's future child. He even hoped, someday it would be him starting a new family. Nelson always regarded family and friends as the most important aspect of his life.
Many summers of being on the beach, or playing on the ball fields. Many years of spending time with his brother, sister, and mother. Many dreams shattered so suddenly by a senseless act of violence...    
On the night of February 12, 1995, Nelson was on a date with a new girlfriend. Suddenly, they were assaulted by the girl's ex-boyfriend at her house. The police arrived, and took the man to jail. Believing the situation was now safe, Nelson continued his visit unaware the ex-boyfriend would be freed that very night. Once out of jail, the man armed himself with a sledge hammer and a 38 caliber handgun. He then proceeded to smash his way into the girl's basement apartment. His intent was to murder everyone inside. Murder he did... killing the girl's brother, Nelson, and firing two shots into the girl, who has since survived.
Since that moment, the family and friends of Nelson have focused their love, emotions, and sense of loss into The Nelson Foundation. In developing the Foundation's mission, we met with many Massachusetts families who have experienced the same tragedy of losing a loved one to gun and/or domestic violence. These true-life heroes have developed programs that make a difference in our communities. Educating children on peace and non-violent conflict resolution. All they lack is funding to expand their impact on our children.  

The Nelson Foundation, make an investment in Peace!
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