Matthew Blek's Full Story

In June of 1994, Matthew Blek was working at a summer job in New York City, with plans to return to California in the fall for his senior year of college. One evening as he and a girlfriend were walking home from a date, they were confronted by three armed teenagers. Although he offered no resistance, Matthew was shot and killed.
The youths who murdered Matthew were armed with Saturday Night Specials-cheap and easily obtained handguns, many of which are made in the very place Matthew called home: Orange County, California.
Matthew was only 21 years old. He was a talented  athlete, musician and scholar who enjoyed hiking and the outdoors, playing the guitar and violin, and was majoring in honors physics and math. But most of all, Matthew was a warm and caring person who had a bright and promising future-a future cut short by senseless gun violence.
Orange County Citizens for the Prevention of Gun Violence was founded in 1995 by Charles and Mary Leigh Blek in memory of their son, Matthew. The foundation is made up of persons who share the Blek's goal of reducing the kind of gun violence that continues to result in tragedies like the death of Matthew. These murder victims are not just statistics-they are our friends and loved ones.
The mission of Orange County Citizens for the Prevention of Gun Violence is to educate and advocate at local, state, and national levels for the prevention of gun violence. Some of the important functions performed by the organization are:
1. Education - Testimony and written materials are provided to state and national legislative hearings as well as to local city councils. A Resource Library is maintained and open to the public for research studies, articles, fact sheets, data and other materials related to the prevention of gun violence.
2. Information - The Smoking Gun Newsletter and ACTION ALERTS keeps  communities informed of current legislative efforts that impact gun policy.
3. Speakers Bureau - Civic, community, school and church groups may request  excellent trained speakers to address topical issues dealing with gun violence.
4. Exhibits/Community Outreach - Displays and information booths at community events and conferences are available for disseminating education materials to the general public.
5. Networking - Cooperating and networking with other local, state and national organizations helps build a strong coalition to increase effectiveness in working for the prevention of gun violence.
You can find out more information on the Orange County Citizens For The Prevention of Gun Violence by calling (949) 206-9676, or visiting their website at:
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